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https://www.rawstory.com/2019/05/previous-military-lawyer-rips-trumps-plan-to-pardon-war-criminals-this-helps make-me-sick/

Former U.S. Army Judge Advocate Standard Glenn Kirschner on Saturday ripped President Donald Trump soon after The New York Times noted President Donald Trump was considering pardoning war criminals.

“As a former vocation prosecutor, including six years as an Army JAG, this helps make me ill,” he explained.

“Please bear with me as this will get a minute: Our military services criminal justice process guards the legal rights of soldiers accused of crimes as well as, if not greater then, several civilian systems,” he observed.

“It’s seldom an easy selection to prosecute a soldier, specially for crimes dedicated all through a time of war or usually in a hostile surroundings. But we hope, in truth demand from customers, that our troopers not dedicate murder/war crimes/atrocities while in armed forces company,” he stated.

“Indeed, the need to preserve great order and a cohesive fighting pressure calls for that soldiers act in a legislation-abiding way even under the most tough situation,” he continued. “Military commanders & prosecutors generally agonize about selections whether or not to demand a soldier with a legal offese (sic).”

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