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Guns are equipment owned for self-defense. Tornadoes threaten people’s basic safety. Ipso facto, it is entirely wonderful to shoot guns at tornados. I’m no attorney but that is airtight. You convey to that to a decide and they’ll question, “I’m sorry why are we below?” and then bang their gavel and dismiss the circumstance.


Evidently, nevertheless, some Kansas law enforcement officers who do not feel in our God-supplied freedoms as Us citizens would prefer their citizens not pop off rounds at the twisters coming to kill their people and damage their properties.

In truth, firing your gun at a twister is an naturally awful
thought. Here’s a fast rundown of what will transpire if you determine to walk
outside and get started pumping rounds into a cyclone.

  • The twister will hurl a brick or tractor or jagged piece of phone pole at you.
  • You’ll die.
  • The twister will decide on up your gun.
  • The twister will start out firing your gun at anything it passes.
  • Your county is now beneath assault by both a tornado and an lively shooter.

See? Absolutely nothing very good. It was when postulated by researchers that a
tornado could most likely be dissipated by shooting some type of
explosive weaponry into it, even so. (We’re talking cannons, rockets,
and missiles listed here while, not your comparably dinky shotgun.) The concept
was that an explosion would disrupt the funnel cloud and make it go
absent. Regretably, these nerds utilised math to figure out that the
coolest meteorological experiment at any time wouldn’t seriously get the job done as a substitute of
tests it in the discipline. There was also the whole issue that the
missile may finish up triggering as significantly harm as the twister anyway.
(Still should’ve analyzed it. We could’ve experienced literal battles with character.
Metal bands would’ve published epic ballads about it. These types of a skipped

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