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Freshly unveiled FBI paperwork advise the “Dancing Israelis,” at least two of whom were recognised Mossad, had prior know-how of the 9/11 assaults.

NEW YORK — For approximately two many years, a person of the most disregarded and little identified arrests produced in the aftermath of the September eleven attacks was that of the so-called “High Fivers,” or the “Dancing Israelis.” Nevertheless, new information and facts produced by the FBI on Could seven has introduced contemporary scrutiny to the possibility that the “Dancing Israelis,” at the very least two of whom ended up recognized Mossad operatives, had prior knowledge of the assaults on the Globe Trade Middle.

Soon following eight:forty six a.m. on the day of the assaults, just minutes immediately after the initial airplane struck the Environment Trade Center, 5 adult males — later on exposed to be Israeli nationals — experienced positioned by themselves in the parking large amount of the Doric Apartment Complicated in Union Town, New Jersey, wherever they were being observed using photographs and filming the attacks even though also celebrating the destruction of the towers and “high fiving” every other. At least a single eyewitness interviewed by the FBI had noticed the Israelis’ van in the parking good deal as early as 8:00 a.m. that working day, extra than forty minutes prior to the assault. The story obtained protection in U.S. mainstream media at the time but has due to the fact been mainly forgotten.

The gentlemen — Sivan Kurzberg, Paul Kurzberg, Oded Ellner, Yaron Shimuel and Omar Marmari — were being subsequently apprehended by regulation enforcement and claimed to be Israeli visitors on a “working holiday” in the United States where they have been utilized by a shifting business, Urban Going Programs. On his arrest, Sivan Kurzberg told the arresting officer, “We are Israeli we are not your problem. Your problems are our issues, The Palestinians are the issue.”

For a long time, the official story has been that these people today, whilst they experienced engaged in “immature” habits by celebrating and remaining “visibly happy” in their documenting of the assaults, had no prior understanding of the assault. Having said that, newly produced FBI copies of the photographs taken by the 5 Israelis strongly recommend that these persons had prior know-how of the assaults on the Earth Trade Middle. The copies of the photos had been acquired through a FOIA request made by a private citizen.

dancing Israelis

A higher-good quality photo, major, demonstrates the region the dancing Israelis were being staged. Credit rating | Panamza

In accordance to a former high-position American intelligence official who spoke to the Jewish Each day Ahead in 2002, the FBI concluded in its investigation that the 5 Israelis arrested “were conducting a Mossad surveillance mission and that their employer, Urban Moving Systems of Weehawken, NJ, served as a entrance.” At least two of the gentlemen arrested ended up determined to have immediate backlinks to the Mossad immediately after their names appeared in a CIA-FBI databases of international intelligence operatives. According to one particular of their lawyers, just one of the gentlemen, Paul Kurzberg, experienced earlier worked for the Mossad in yet another nation prior to arriving in the United States. Another of those arrested, Oded Ellner, subsequently said on Israeli Tv that the five Israelis had been in New York at the time “to doc the function,” which means the assault on the Planet Trade Middle.

The FOIA release of the pics is noteworthy for the reason that responses to prior FOIA requests to the Section of Justice, which oversees the FBI, experienced previously claimed that all of the shots taken by the Israeli nationals had been destroyed in January 2014. The pics on their own are heavily redacted, making it unachievable to see the Israelis’ facial expressions. Nonetheless, beforehand declassified however heavily redacted FBI stories point out that the Israelis are “visibly happy” in almost every picture, even when the burning towers are in the track record. The photos introduced are also not initial copies and as a substitute appear to be photocopies of photocopies of the authentic photographs. In addition, of the primary 76 photos created by authorities from the digital camera in the Israelis’ possession, only 14 ended up released.

Nonetheless, three of these pictures — despite the major redaction and very poor top quality — are damning. Due to the fact 2001, even although the photographs have been hardly ever unveiled right up until now, it had been recognized that a person of the Israelis arrested — Sivan Kurzberg — was seen in a picture “holding a lighted lighter in the foreground, with the smoldering wreckage [of the twin towers] in the qualifications,” in accordance to Steven Noah Gordon, then-attorney for the 5 Israelis, as cited in a New York Situations report from November 2001.

The photograph of Kurzberg with the lit lighter seems to be photo #five in the new FOIA launch. Still, the photo introduced incorporates a seen date of September 10, 2001, the working day in advance of the attacks, as do two other pics — photos #7 and #8 in the assortment — whereas all other pics with dates clearly show only the month and the 12 months (9 ‘01). The FOIA launch did not offer any data as to the apparent discrepancy in dates.

Even though this could be stated absent as the digital camera in concern becoming programmed with a somewhat inaccurate day, that does not seem to be the scenario for two factors. Initial, only two out of the 14 photographs carry that date and, 2nd, previously declassified FBI stories report an eyewitness adamantly stating that Sivan Kurzberg experienced visited the Doric Flats on September 10, 2001 at around 3 p.m. with at least one other gentleman, with whom he was conversing in a overseas language, and had determined himself as a “construction worker” to a tenant (web site sixty one of declassified FBI report).

Dancing Israelis lighter photo

Sivan Kurzberg retains a lit lighter with the Manhattan skyline in the history. The date September 10, 2001 noticeable in the base ideal corner | Photograph #5

In addition, the FBI report observed that a van from City Going Units, the corporation that used the 5 Israelis at the time of their arrest, was present and was concerned in transferring a tenant out of the complex on September 10 and that the movers all experienced overseas accents. Hence, photographs 5, 7 and 8 strongly show up to have been taken at the identical sophisticated a working day ahead of the attacks. Kurzberg is viewed in both images that display the seen date of September 10, 2001.

This raises two opportunities. First, that there are two illustrations or photos of Kurzberg with a lit lighter in entrance of the towers, just one taken before the attack and a single taken at the time of the attack, and that the FBI launched only 1 of them. Second, that Kurzberg took the photograph with the lighter only the day prior to the attack and his attorney misrepresented the contents of the image to the New York Occasions. Provided that the track record of the image — particularly the state of the towers — is indiscernible in the not too long ago unveiled photo, it is challenging to determine which is the situation.

Dancing Israelis pointer

1 of the Israelis factors to what is presumably the Earth Trade Heart, in Manhattan on September 11, 2001 | Photo #two

Nonetheless, in either scenario, Kurzberg had simulated the burning of the Entire world Trade Centre the working day right before the attacks took place. That the FBI concluded that Kurzberg was get together to a Mossad surveillance operation at the time of his arrest would then advise that Israeli intelligence also had foreknowledge of the attacks.

Notably, the suitable area of the FBI report that asks “1. Did the Israeli nationals have foreknowledge of the functions at WTC and had been they filming the situations prior to and in anticipation of the explosion?” is redacted in its entirety, suggesting that the FBI did not decide the respond to to that concern to be an emphatic “no.”

Just one of the nine/eleven loose-ends coverups?

If photographs 5 and 7 were indeed taken the working day prior to the assault, the concern then becomes why the FBI officially concluded that the arrested Israelis had no prior expertise of the assaults? One particular report from ABC Information dated June 2002 implies that the Bush administration intervened in the investigation. That report states that “Israeli and U.S. authorities officials worked out a deal — and right after 71 days, the five Israelis ended up taken out of jail, set on a airplane, and deported again house [to Israel].” If the Bush administration experienced slice a deal with Israel’s govt to deal with up the incident, it surely would not have been the first time a U.S. presidential administration experienced done so on Israel’s behalf.

Even more evidence that bigger-ups in the administration intervened is the reality that then-Attorney Normal John Ashcroft personally signed off on the detainees’ launch. Upon his getting into the non-public sector as a lobbyist and advisor in 2005, the Israeli govt grew to become one of Ashcroft’s first purchasers.

A include-up surely appears to be to have transpired to some extent, among the destruction of data of the investigation and the actuality that official conclusions of the investigation do not add up. In the latter situation, the FBI  — in a file dated September 24, 2001– officially stated that they “determined that none of the Israelis were actively engaged in clandestine intelligence activities in the United States.” Nonetheless, that conclusion was straight contradicted by U.S. officials a year afterwards and by the actuality that Israel’s have govt subsequently acknowledged that the 5 Israelis had without a doubt been included in “clandestine intelligence functions in the United States.”

In addition, the new FOIA release of the pics implies that a different FBI summary — that “none of the images formulated from the movie uncovered inside of the 35-mm digicam depicted the twin towers prior to the attack” — was inaccurate. This may well describe why the pictures produced by means of the new FOIA ask for had been heavily edited leaving facts in the history significantly obscured, building it impossible to decide whether or not the pictures were being taken prior to or for the duration of the assaults primarily based entirely on the state of the towers.

“Tourists” with hard cash-stuffed socks, box cutters, and explosives?

Further than the pics and noticed activities of the so-named “Dancing Israelis,” it is well worth revisiting quite a few other suspicious circumstances linked to their arrest that plainly present that the adult men in dilemma had been barely the “tourists” they experienced claimed to be. One particular typically cited illustration is the fact that one particular of the gentlemen, Oded Ellner, had a “white sock-like sack crammed with $four,seven hundred in funds,” as nicely as maps of the city with specified destinations highlighted, and box cutters. In addition, the van in which the Israelis have been arrested was “oddly” lacking “equipment generally used in a going company’s daily duties,” according to the FBI, and residue of explosives was located in the van.

Of the explosive residue, the declassified FBI report states:

A research of the van and individuals was conducted at the time of the motor vehicle quit. The auto was also searched by a qualified bomb-sniffing doggy which yielded a good consequence for the presence of explosive traces. Swabs of the vehicle’s inside have been taken, and individuals samples were being sent to the FBI laboratory for further more analysis. Remaining benefits are nonetheless pending.”

In full, the FBI noted that 4 objects associated to explosives ended up found in the ban and are labeled in the report as “Fabric Sample (Explosive Residue),” “Control Swabs – SA [ – ] Gloves,” “Control Swabs – (Bomb Satisfies),” and “Blanket Samples For Explosive Residue.” In addition, a VHS tape and some however photos found in the van “were despatched to Laboratory Examiner [ redacted ] (Explosives Device).”

In addition to the weird nature of some of the Israelis’ belongings in the van and on their man or woman, the organization that utilized them — City Going Programs — was of distinctive curiosity to the FBI, which concluded that the business was very likely a “fraudulent procedure.” On a lookup of the company’s premises, the FBI mentioned that “little evidence of a legit small business operation was discovered.” The FBI report also mentioned that there ended up an “unusually big variety of computer systems relative to the quantity of employees for this kind of a reasonably compact business” and that “further investigation determined various pseudo-names or aliases associated with Urban Relocating Systems and its functions.”

The FBI existence at the Urban Shifting Techniques look for site drew the interest of the neighborhood media and was afterwards noted on the two television and in the nearby press. A previous Urban Transferring Systems personnel later contacted the Newark Division with information indicating that he had stop his work with Urban Relocating Units as a consequence of the higher amount of money of anti-American sentiment current between Urban’s staff members. The former staff said that an Israeli worker of City experienced even once remarked, “Give us 20 several years and we’ll choose over your media and wipe out your country” (web page 37 of the FBI report).

The FBI returned to search the premises of City Transferring Techniques a month later on, but by that time found:

The developing and all of its contents had been deserted by…the owner of City Going Units. This [was] seemingly becoming accomplished to stay away from prison prosecution just after the 09/11/2001 arrest of five of his employees and subsequent seizure of his office environment pc units by customers of the FBI-NK on or all around 09/thirteen/2001.”

The company’s operator — Dominik Otto Suter, an Israeli citizen — had fled to Israel on September 14, 2001, two times soon after he had been questioned by the FBI. The FBI instructed ABC Information that “Urban Shifting may possibly have been offering protect for an Israeli intelligence operation.” Amazingly, because at least 2016, Suter has been residing in the San Francisco Bay Region, exactly where he performs for a contractor for key tech firms like Google and Microsoft. In accordance to the general public information databases Intelius, in 2006 and 2007 Suter also worked for a telecommunications company — Granite Telecommunications — that functions for the U.S. armed service and many other U.S. federal government companies.

In addition to Urban Relocating Devices, yet another moving business, Traditional International Movers, became of curiosity in link with the investigation into the “Dancing Israelis,” which led to the arrest and detention of four Israeli nationals who worked for this independent relocating firm. The FBI’s Miami Division experienced alerted the Newark Division that Typical Global Movers was thought to have been utilized by a single of the 19 alleged 9/eleven hijackers right before the attack, and a person of the “Dancing Israelis” experienced the quantity for Traditional Global Movers composed in a notebook that was seized at the time of his arrest. The report more states that one particular of the Israelis of Typical International Movers who was arrested “was visibly disturbed by the Agents’ questioning concerning his own e-mail account.”

A crowded dance flooring

Even though the circumstance of the “Dancing Israelis” has extended been treated as an outlier in the aftermath of September 11, what is generally overlooked is the actuality that hundreds of Israeli nationals ended up arrested in the aftermath of the assaults.

In accordance to a FOX News report from December 2001, 60 Israelis have been apprehended or detained after September 11, with most deported, and a full of one hundred forty Israelis have been arrested and detained in all of 2001 by federal authorities. That report claimed that the arrests, ostensibly such as the “Dancing Israelis,” have been in relation to an investigation of “an arranged [Israeli] intelligence accumulating operation made to ‘penetrate authorities amenities.’”

The report also extra that most of individuals arrested, in addition to possessing served in the IDF, had “intelligence expertise” and labored for Israeli businesses that specialized in wiretapping. Some of people detained had been also energetic associates of the Israeli army and quite a few detainees, together with the “Dancing Israelis,” experienced unsuccessful polygraph checks when asked if they had been surveilling the U.S. governing administration.

Watch | FOX Information December 2001 report on Mossad spying prior to 9/11

A essential aspect of that report, compiled by journalist Carl Cameron, also states that federal investigators commonly suspected that Israeli intelligence had prior understanding of the September eleven assaults. In the report, Cameron mentioned:

The Israelis might have gathered intelligence about the assaults in advance and not shared it. A very put investigator explained there are ‘tie-ins’ but when requested for facts he flatly refused to explain them declaring: ‘Evidence linking these Israelis to 9-11 is classified. I can’t convey to you about the evidence that has been collected. It is categorised facts.’”

1 trade in between Cameron and host Brit Hume incorporated in the report is particularly telling:

HUME: “Carl, what about this dilemma of highly developed knowledge of what was likely to come about on nine/11? How very clear are investigators that some Israeli agents may have identified anything?”

CAMERON: “Well it is really explosive details naturally and there is a excellent deal of evidence that they say they have gathered. None of it always conclusive. It is much more when they place it all jointly a significant issue they say is, ‘How could they have not identified?’ — almost a direct quote, Brit.”

nine/eleven as a major — and acknowledged — Israeli earn

If the “Dancing Israelis”, and extra broadly the Mossad and the Israeli federal government, experienced foreknowledge of September 11, why would they stay silent and not attempt to alert the American govt or general public of the coming assaults? In the case of the “Dancing Israelis,” why would Israelis celebrate these types of an assault?

One of the detained “Dancing Israelis,” Omer Marmari, told police the following about why he viewed the September eleven assaults in a constructive mild:

Israel now has hope that the planet will now have an understanding of us. Us citizens are naïve and The us is quick to get within. There are not a good deal of checks in The usa. And now The us will be harder about who gets into their state.”

When Marmari’s statement may suggest one explanation some of the “Dancing Israelis” had been so “visibly happy” in their photos, there are also other statements designed by leading Israeli politicians that counsel why the Israeli governing administration and its intelligence agency declined to act on evident foreknowledge of the assault.

When questioned, on the working day of the nine/11 assaults, how the assaults would affect American-Israeli relations, Benjamin Netanyahu — the recent Israeli primary minister — informed the New York Occasions that “It’s pretty fantastic,” prior to immediately incorporating “Well, not pretty good, but it will crank out fast sympathy.” He then predicted, significantly as Marmari had, that the attacks would “strengthen the bond concerning our two peoples, since we have skilled terror around so lots of decades, but the United States has now knowledgeable a enormous hemorrhaging of terror.”

Netanyahu, in a candid discussion recorded in 2001, also echoed Marmari’s declare that People are naïve. In that recording, Netanyahu mentioned:

I know what The us is. The us is a thing that can effortlessly be moved. Moved to the suitable direction. … They will not get in our way. They won’t get in our way… eighty per cent of the People in america help us. It is absurd.”

In addition, also on the working day of the September eleven assaults, Netanyahu — who at the time was not in political workplace — held a push meeting in which he claimed that he had predicted the attacks on the Environment Trade Centre by “militant Islam” in his 1995 ebook, Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies Can Defeat Domestic and International Terrorism. In that guide, Netanyahu experienced posited that Iranian-joined “militants” would established off a nuclear bomb in the basement of the Entire world Trade Centre.

Through his press convention on the day of the assaults, Netanyahu also asserted that the 9/eleven assaults would be a turning position for The usa and in contrast them to the 1941 assault on Pearl Harbor. Netanyahu’s assertion echoes the notorious line from the “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” document authored by the neoconservative believe tank, the Venture for a New Ameican Century (PNAC). That line reads. “Further, the method of transformation [in the direction of a neo-Reaganite international plan and hyper-militarism], even if it brings revolutionary improve, is very likely to be a prolonged a single, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing celebration — like a new Pearl Harbor.”

Then again, several years afterwards In 2008, the Israeli newspaper Maariv described that Netanyahu experienced said that the September 11 assaults experienced considerably benefited Israel. He was quoted as stating: “We are benefiting from one point, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq.”

Indeed, it goes devoid of expressing that the aftermath of nine/eleven — which associated the U.S. top a damaging hard work all over the Middle East — has certainly benefited Israel. Numerous of the U.S.’ put up-9/11 “nation-building” initiatives have notably mirrored the coverage paper “A Thoroughly clean Break: A New System for Securing the Realm,” which was authored by American neoconservatives — PNAC members among the them — for Netanyahu’s initially time period as prime minister.

That doc phone calls for the development of a “New Middle East” by, between other issues, “weakening, containing, and even rolling back again Syria” and “removing Saddam Hussein from ability in Iraq — an critical Israeli strategic goal in its individual proper.” As is recognized now, both of those principal targets have because arrive to go, each and every with potent Israeli involvement.

Function photo | 4 of the Israeli nationals arrested for “puzzling behavior” through the September eleven assaults are found casually posing collectively in entrance of the Manhattan skyline though the September eleven attacks were being in progress | Photo #1

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