Infused Oreo Cookie Ice Product Sandwich

A typical dessert with a twist

  • 1 pack Oreo Cookies
  • three qt Vanilla Ice Product
  • 2 tbsp Infused Coconut Oil
  1. Separate Oreos from the fillings. Scrape out Oreo fillings and put in a bowl. Set apart 60 cookie areas.

  2. Warmth Oreo fillings on very low heat for 2 minutes (or right up until runny).

  3. Blend cannabis infused oil with heated filling and blend extremely well by hand or with a mixer. Set apart and let awesome.

  4. In a blender, mix Oreo cookies into crumbs.

  5. In a massive mixing bowl or mixer, insert all ice-cream and blend on gradual for one minute. Pace up mixer to medium and include infused filling. Blend pretty very well.

  6. Incorporate crushed Oreos to mixer and mix rapidly.

  7. Location combination into an 9×13 baking dish. Address tightly and freeze for a minimal of 12 hours, whilst 24 hours is finest.

  8. At the time combination has refrozen, applying a cookie cutter about the measurement of the Oreos, slash out sections of the ice cream and position onto a complete Oreo. Top with yet another cookie and place into a new container.

  9. Repeat until all Oreo cookies are utilised up to make mini sandwiches.

  10. Put sandwiches back again in freezer, lined, for a few hrs to get pleasant and cold.


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