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by Steve

Reviewer: Steve

Pressure: Cat Dick Kush

Grower: Bigfoot Farms

Day: five/15/seventeen

Variety of Item: Flower



Bigfoot Farms’ Cat Dick Kush comes in an orange and black Mylar deal. You can see Bigfoot’s deal with in the style, and by way of the window you can see potent flower. The flower by itself is a medium green with shades of purple coming by means of. There are tons of rust/orange hairs through the buds, and anything from the inside to the exterior is included in cloudy to clear trichomes. No seeds are current.

Right before cracking the bud open up, there is a berry/citrus/pepper/pine aroma which smells excellent. When you crack open the bud, the odor gets to be a lot additional extreme and dank, with an ammonia/petrol odor starting to be current.

The buds them selves are pretty dense – more dense than you could possibly consider when you 1st glimpse at the buds. Any just one of the smaller buds in my package have been dense ample to fill a joint right after grinding it up.


I examined the products 2 times, to start with using tobacco two bowls using an XLB Hammerhead Bubbler (bought at The Lifestyle Shop), and the next time rolling a joint working with Raw 1¼ traditional papers.

The very first time I smoked this was instantly soon after a shower in the night. I ground up the weed and loaded two compact bowls in the bubbler. I smoked about .7 grams total. The flower was cured very well, I felt like I bought a excellent amount of flower for the bodyweight. The smoke was secure and clean. I tasted grape, melon, pine, citrus and spice, and it had an ammonia/petroleum aftertaste.

Right after cigarette smoking, I liked a pretty centered high. This did not make me want to go to bed like I was expecting. Although this is an Indica-leaning hybrid, it does not give you a tremendous stoney experience. It gets you quite high and comfortable, but it doesn’t just knock you out. I finished up acquiring a actually terrific extend session. My system was in a position to rest, but my brain could even now concentrate on the endeavor.

The 2nd time I smoked I rolled a joint that was about .seven grams. I smoked before in the day, and got a substantially a lot more extreme higher. Once again, I didn’t sense super stoney, but I felt pretty superior. I was cooking points for Mother’s Day and I could feel the superior touring up my physique, lifting me up, and raising from the back to the major of my head. There was a radiating heat that rushed about me and closed in on me. I must’ve looked really significant, for the reason that my fiancé requested me ‘what did you just smoke?’

In general:

I really enjoyed the higher. It has the calming body large that I love from Indicas, but it saved my thoughts active and was not (at the very least for me) super stoney. Just after initial trying it, I would’ve mentioned this would be improved as a daytime pressure, but honestly just after the 2nd session I would say to preserve it for the evening. I imagine it is just a small far too-intensive of a substantial for the day. Some persons may possibly be in a position to tackle it, but for me I really don’t feel I could be quite successful until it was a thing I wished to do. I consider it’d be good for the night following your tasks are finished but in advance of engaging in a pastime, observing a film, taking part in a sport or hanging out with mates.

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