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Budtender Review

by Leah and Alex

Reviewer: Alex and Leah

Pressure: Chem Cookies

Grower: Sub X

Day: four/9/seventeen

Type of product: Flower

Visual appearance/Aroma

This Chem Cookies will come in a glass jar with a plastic lid, with the Sub X branding. The buds are wonderful – medium density, eco-friendly in shade with some brown, orange, and purples peeking by means of.  Lots of trichomes in this article, ranging from clear to cloudy. On cracking open up a nug, there is a sturdy, fulfilling scent: earthy, floral, metallic and citrusy. No seeds are present.


Tested in both joint-rolled and bong-stuffed kind, the reviewers agree the strain has a good, pleasurable taste. It’s earthy and spicy, with metallic, fruity overtones. The overcome is suitable, neither way too moist or dry. It is quite smooth, with not a ton of smoke growth.


Judged off of 2 bong hits from Alex, and seven joint hits from Leah, the higher is described as a ‘creeper.’ It has an impact similar to the headband pressure, wherever it presents you a feeling of having your head wrapped with an pleasant force. It is a potent large, a great deal heavier on the Indica facet of the spectrum than the Sativa aspect. The outcome lasts a about 2 hours when smoked. This is improved applied as a nighttime or night strain as you may perhaps not feel like doing much following using tobacco it.


The two reviewers look at this a keeper strain for prolonged time period use. It offers a nice head hurry, and a dreamy experience which is wonderful for stress-free and recovering. This is a newer pressure from Sub X which has immediately come to be a team favorite.

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