10 Latest And Free Tools For SEO


10 Latest And Free Tools For SEO

SEO means to rank your website in the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. There are many Tools For SEO. A lot of tools are required to the check your website from different point of view. Like to check the errors or to check the keywords. There are different categories of tools for SEO some of them are mentioned here below.

10 Latest And Free Tools For SEO Is Here-Earthsearches

1: Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO provides a set of tools that allows you to analyze the detail of any domain connected with your website or any other website.

• Site Explorer: Site explorer is a famous tool of Site Explorer. This tool allows you to check the details of any URL.

• Backlink History: Backlink History checker is for the professional of SEO. This tool lets the professional to check the numbers of backlinks given to the URL Sub Domains or the Domains.

• Keyword Checker: This is the most important too for all the site runners. Because by this site owners can check the competition or searching volume of any keyword which is very important for writing a good content.

2. Adobe Site Catalyst:

This tool hep you to check the traffic on your website and also informs you how you can improve the traffic on your website day by day. One of the most good characteristic of this tool is this it tells you where your traffic is leaving your website.

3. Google Analytics:

Google tool helps you to check the traffic on your website and aso tell us that from where the peoples are coming on your website. This is a free tool which anyone can use easily. This is also a SEO tools analyzer for analyze your website.

10 Latest And Free Tools For SEO Is Here-Earthsearches

4. SEMrush:

SEMrush tells you all about keywords who can run your site and can rank the site in the Search engine. This tool will also help you to check all the paid keywords and the traffic data. This is also a SEO tools for plagiarism. SEMrush is a good tool and help you for On Page SEO also.

5. Google Webmaster Tool:

Google webmaster too is a free Tools for SEO. This tool aware you all about the site issues and also tell you how google check your site about. You can got it by Google Search Console.

6. II S Seo Tool:

This tool allows you to check the structure, URL and the content of the site. This tools for SEO also informs you all the issues of your site. And tells you about the items that needs attention. A good characteristic of this site is that it can analyze up to 1 million of pages. This is free tool in SEO tools box.

7. Screaming Frog:

This tool will help you to check the things like Pictures and links from seo point of view. It will aso tell you about the issues of your website. This tool has both of the version free and paid. You can install it on your pc and laptops.

10 Latest And Free Tools For SEO Is Here-Earthsearches

8. HitWise:

This is not free tool. It is paid and gives you the keywords and tells all about your ecosystem. This tool is best one for the Search Engine Optimization.

9. Google Keyword Planner:

This tool is very helpful for the On page SEO. By putting a keyword or a set of keywords this too will tell you all about the keywords. Just like as search volume Cpc and etc.

10. SimilarWeb:

This is most informative tools for SEO which compare the traffic of two websites and analyze the both websites.

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