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3 Best White Hat SEO Techniques

White Hat SEO means to use all the techniques and strategies which are properly follow the rules of the Search Engine increase the traffic of a website. It is including all the ways of optimize the website in Search Engine without breaking the rules of the Search Engine. It is the best and secure way to rank the website. It is a long-life business. The all the rues defined by the Search Engine Optimization are mentioned here below.

  • Put a quality content on the website
  • 3 Best White Hat SEO Techniques - EarthsearchesMake your site easy to know
  • Make high authority Backlinks
  • Keyword Analyzation
  • Site should be mobile friendly
  • The speed of your site should be high



SEO has a big history. It is not simply something. It is a big way to earn online. A lot of peoples in this world use this method to earn online. This way very useful for the peoples. SEO contains two types of SEO.

  • Black Hat SEO
  • White Hat SEO

3 Best White Hat SEO Techniques - Earthsearches


Black Hat SEO is unusual way to rank a website. White Hat SEO is good for your website. It is google friendly and best way to rank website. A good mind people use these techniques to optimize the website.

White Hates do all the SEO on their websites according to the google terms. It is totally against the Black Hat SEO. Black Hates uses the shortcuts to improve the rank of their website which is totally against the Google terms. It results in ban of the websites. White Hat SEO is good for website and a friendly to the google.
These are the some used by white Hates to rank their website.

3 Best White Hat SEO Techniques - Earthsearches

1: Content:
Content writing is very useful for the website. It is the king of White Hat SEO. Content writing base on the Key Words. Key Word choice is very essential to write a content. Your written content should be original not a copy paste or spinner. Content should be useful for the audience which visit your website. Grammar and spelling should be correct. There should be a proper title of your images or videos use in content.

2: Giving Value to your Audience:

The best and authentic way to rank your website in Search Engine is to give value to your audience. It includes:
A well-built Website
The written data should be containing good ideas for audience.
3: Key Word Research:

Key Word researching is most essential in making a website or to rank a website. Key word researching s not easy because to choose a suitable keyword is tough. Use a keyword which is good in your ranking. Use the keyword which you think is important for the audience to find your website. Single keywords are not much important. A long tail keywords are proved to be good for website. Use Best SEO Tools to analyze the keyword.

This is all about the White Hat SEO and suggested by us to use these techniques to rank your website. Be aware of the Black Hat SEO. Do not use this.

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