3 Main Terms In Off Page SEO Techniques


3 Main Terms In Off Page SEO Techniques

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Off Page SEO is also its one type. As all of you know that Search Engine Optimization means to get rank your website in the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are two main types of SEO which are mentioned here below.

On Page SEO
• Off Page SEO

On page SEO is about the work on the website and the Off Page SEO containing the works which you can perform outside the boundaries of your website. We just talk here about the second type of the Search Engine Optimization. We just discuss here about the off page Seo that how we can rank our website by the Off page SEO. Off page Search Engine Optimization contains the three most importants work in it which are mentioned here below.

• Link Building
• Social Media Marketing
• Social bookmarking

3 Main Terms In Off Page SEO Techniques Latest 2018-Earthsearches

Link Building

The most popular and the famous method for Off Page SEO is the Link Building method. You are trying to get the traffic as you can by biding the links for your website. By doing link Building method you can pass your competitors easily. There are number of methods which are invented for the ink building. Some of them are mentioned below.

Comment Link: Comment linking is a method in which you do comment on another website or blog to get the back link. In this method you can also use your key words instead of using your name.

Forum Signatures: This method is also same as the comment linking method. In this method peoples do comment on the forums to get link.

Blog Directories: Blog Directories is like the yellow pages but each and every entity have a link pointing to a specific website.

Article Directories: This method is about to publish your article in the directories to get link back. Some of the article directories only accept the unique content article but most of the directories accept the spin or already published article.

Link Exchange Scheme: Link exchange method is that you can contact the other websites owners to get links. As you can talk with him that you can made backlinks by mine website and I will do by your website.

Shared Content Scheme: Ranked websites allow you to publish the contents and in return you can make backlinks pointing to your website.

3 Main Terms In Off Page SEO Techniques Latest 2018-Earthsearches

Social Media Marketing

This is also the part of the Off Page SEO techniques. You can also create the Links by the social media easily. But only the Follow or No Follow links can be built by the social media.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is not popular like Social media and the Link Building. But it was popular in the past and now also it is a good way to get traffic for your website.

Off Page SEO Activities is more important than the On Page SEO because in Off page SEO Techniques, high quality links are required which are made by the references of good websites. You can also use SEO Tools for ranking. Social media sharing is also important for the Off Page SEO activities.

Off Page SEO Better For Rank

A successful Off Page SEO work will create the following benefits for the owners of the website.

• Off Page SEO will rank your website in search engine and also get good traffic for the website

• It will also increase the page rankings. Page Ranking are the numbers from 0-10 which shows the importance of your website in the eyes of Google.

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