4 Main Terms in SEO and SEO Defination-Earthsearches


4 Main Terms in SEO and SEO Defination

SEO Defination is to make a website and rank this site on the search engine like as Google, yahoo or Bing. It also means to increase the traffic on your website through Search Engine or through social accounts. SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. Now a day it is a considered as a biggest business of internet field. People do this business to earn money and for live a happy and peaceful life. To work on this, we need to know about its basics or types. There are two main types of Search Engine Optimization which are mentioned here below.

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO

4 Main Terms in SEO and SEO Defination-Earthsearches

On Page SEO:

On Page SEO contains all the work or strategies we do on our website or inside the website which are used to get traffic. On this category of SEO, we have proper control a to write contents or to choose keywords. These are all the things which are in control of the owner of the website. As SEO Defination clear everything about SEO. These are also very essential for ranking the website. On page SEO contains the following things in it.

  • Keyword Selection
  • Relevancy
  • Page Ranking
  • Content
  • Internal linking
  • External linking

Off Page SEO:

Off Page SEO contains all the working we do outside our website. These things are not mainly in the control of the owner. Like as backlinking, Social points and reviews. It is also very useful for ranking the website. Social signals and the backlinks are almost the work as a backbone of the SEO. Off Page SEO contains the following things.

  • Backlinks
  • DA (Domain Authority)

4 Main Terms in SEO and SEO Defination-Earthsearches

Acording to the SEO Defination it depends properly on its both types. These are mainly the things we used for ranking our website. Both of these techniques are essential for ranking the website. A website with good On Page SEO and with poor Off Page SEO cannot rank. So, both of these depends on each other properly.

SEO also has also different ways to use. Some of the methods are illegal but they can rank your website quickly for some days not permanent. Ways of the search Engine are mentioned here below.

  • Black hat SEO (Black hat SEO means to rank your website by using all the tricks. This type of SEO does not follow the rule or the guidelines of Search Engine. It is not good for your website google can ban the website on which Black Hat SEO techniques are using. It is illegal and not a long-term business)

4 Main Terms in SEO and SEO Defination-Earthsearches

  • White Hat SEO (White Hat SEO means to get rank for your website by working on it according to the guidelines of the Search Engine. It is good for a long-term business and White Hat SEO techniques are good for your website.)


Before working on this we need to know that which type Of SEO is better for ranking our website. This is SEO Defination and all about SEO. For working on Search Engine properly you need to know all of this.
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