What is Google Analytic Tool For Ranking


What is Google Analytic Tool For Ranking

Google Analytic Tools is the recommended tool by Google which use for seeing or analyzing your website traffic. As you know there are a lot of tools are using in the google for the purpose of checking the keywords cpc, search volume and the competition of the keywords and also tools are using to check the traffic or the data of the websites while you are the owner of the website or not. Tools have become the SEO too much easy. I have personally use a lot of tools for these purposes. Some of them are the free and some are the paid tools but I found the Google analytic tool one of the best. Google Analytic Tool is a free tool. This will help you to compete your competitors.

Google analytic tool

This tool is using for checking the exact traffic and the to track the website. This tool has a lot of features except these two. Some of them are mentioned here below.

• To check the website or blog
• Daily visiting traffic on your site
• To check the timing of your visitor (when he visits your website)
• To check the page views
• To check the bounce rate of the website

Google analytic tool

A lot of people in this world is still using this tool because it is too much famous and working too not because it is free of cost. They have installed it on their pc or the laptops. It is easy to use. Google has created it for all the website owners.This will also help you drive more traffic to your website and you can make money. It is attached to the website and use to know all about the website. You can use Google analytic audit tool for your website which will help you to rank your website in search engines.

Google analytic tool

If you want to check your CPC of keyword which you want to rank then you can also check the volume searches and competition of your keyword by using Google Analytic keyword tool which is recommended by Google and if you want to check performance of your website then  yo can also use the Google Analytic Webmaster Tool.

When you are going to work on the Search Engine Optimization then you can use this too. This tool is helpful for will record your traffic and will show you the detail of your site. It will also show you that how many clicks are on your site and which time your website are using by visitors. This is very important tool for the web developers which are working on the SEO or if they want to rank their site in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc.

You can simply make Google Analytic Tool by your Google account. If you have any problem in anything then you can also contact us. We will try to give you response as soon as possible.

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