On the lookout for a little something a little bit various? You’ve in no way had pre-rolls like these. Significantly, they’re as dank as it will get.


Some seasoned stoners might argue that rolling your possess joints is a really significant component of smoking cigarettes weed. The ritual of rolling a person up, which can selection everywhere from a primary joint to a comprehensive-on piece of artwork, is normally discovered early on and then honed to perfection around time. But, there is practically nothing erroneous with allowing anyone else do the do the job for you.


And pre-rolls do particularly that.


With the explosive progress of the pre-roll popularity, these joints have evolved to provide an enhanced on the most essential of weed-smoking procedures. Best any time of day – from your early morning Wake ‘n’ Bake to your nightcap toke, pre-rolls are effortless strategies to appreciate your cannabis. 


And Sticky Budz remains at the major, with their basic (just flower) and increased (flower sugar wax) pre-rolls. The adhering to record is created up of staff picks, favorites of World of Weed’s staff, and provides the most special joints observed in Washington from our shelves to your hands.


Sticky Budz products

From typical joints to trifecta pre-rolls to sugar wax, Sticky Budz merchandise are the dank will have to-haves you really do not want to miss out on!



Sticky Budz Items


Typical Pre-Rolls


Sticky Budz products

Traditional Sticky Budz pre-rolls



Champagne Kush – THC fifteen.61%, Indica


Champagne Kush received its identify from the exotic champagne aroma and taste profiles, which appear  from genetics that give this joint a slight pink coloration.


This Sticky Budz Champagne Kush joint has refined grape undertones and a lingering, musky diesel aroma and taste reminiscent of champagne. Even even though it is only acquired fifteen.sixty one% THC, the Champagne Kush pre-roll is certain to shock you with its bubbly effects and calming social large.


Cost: $15 (seven pk – 3.50g)



GG#4 – THC 17.24% / CBD .10% , Sativa Hybrid

Gorilla Glue #4 is a single of all those well-known strains you’ve in all probability read individuals raving about. It is acquired a sturdy diesel aroma with notes of chocolate and sweet, earthy espresso undertones.  Smoke this Sticky Budz joint, and you’ll get a chill, entire-human body large that melts you down into the couch while you get an uplifting, buzzing cerebral substantial.


Value: $15 (7 pk – three.50g)



Marionberry Kush – 22.80% THC, Hybrid

A delectable hybrid cross of Raspberry Kush and Area Queen that puts off a complete spectrum of fruity flavors. The aroma is clean, sweet, and earthy with a bitter twist. The ideal mix of results on the entirety of the hashish spectrum. Be expecting these Sticky Budz joints to present mellow euphoria joined with full-human body rest.


Selling price: $15 (seven pk – three.50g)



Shangri-La – THC sixteen.23% / CBD .twenty%, Sativa Hybrid

Substantially like the mythical utopia of the identical identify, Shangri-La is a sativa hybrid that’s confirmed to choose you to your possess individual paradise. A few hits off this joint, and you’ll be floating in your individual tranquil, psychological earth which is all about relaxation and bliss although also being uplifted and energized.


As potent as it is tasty, this Shangri-La joint from Sticky Budz features a savory combination of grape, berry, mango, and citrus flavors. As exceptional as the identify suggests, this is 1 unforgettable joint.


Selling price: $15 (7 pk – three.50g)


Trifecta Pre-Rolls


Sticky Budz products

Increased Trifecta Sticky Budz pre-rolls



9LB Hammer – THC 36.50% / CBD .60%, Indica

Trifecta pre-rolls are rolled with organic terpene-infused bouquets, dipped in sugar wax, and rolled in honeycomb. This indica-dominant hybrid Sticky Budz trifecta joint has a piney, fruity aroma and supplies heavy-handed consequences. Good for deep relaxation and sedation.


Rate: $thirteen (2 pk – 1g)



Gelato #1 – THC 36.78% / CBD .forty five%, Indica Hybrid

Gelato is an indica-dominant cross of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. These Sticky Budz trifecta joints make robust cerebral sensations that carry your temper. Entire-human body results creep up, so you come to feel calm and at relieve.


Value: $13 (2 pk – 1g)


God’s Gift – THC 35.63%, Indica

Sticky Budz trifecta pre-rolls are rolled with all-natural terpene infused bouquets, dipped in sugar wax, and then rolled in honeycomb.


God’s Gift is a cross of Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush with a solid berry scent and citrus tones. This major indica-dominant pressure is excellent prior to lying down for a nap or the conclude of the night time.


Selling price: $thirteen (2 pk – 1g)



Huckleberry – THC 34.85% / CBD .fifty seven%, Hybrid

Huckleberry provides you a strengthen of power and gives feelings of euphoria. This Sticky Budz hybrid trifecta joint will assistance you target, raise efficiency, and relax all at at the time. It’s received a savory, delectable berry -grape taste and aroma that lingers in the place and on the palette.


Rate: $13 (2 pk – 1g)


LA Chz – THC 35.ninety three%, Hybrid

These Sticky Budz trifecta joints  are rolled with purely natural terpene infused flowers, dipped in sugar wax, and rolled in honeycomb. This is an indica-dominant cross of LA Private and Cheese. It has potent sedative outcomes and is ideal in advance of mattress or a night time in.


Rate: $13 (two pk – 1g)


Mango Kush – THC 35.87%, Indica

This Mango Kush Sticky Budz joint is created with an Indica-dominant hybrid from Mango & Hindu Kush. The fragrance is astounding sweet & tropical. Pleased is the phrase most employed for the higher, euphoric, energetic, nonetheless it maintains a mellow vibe.


Price tag: $thirteen (2 pk – 1g)


Uncooked Doggy – THC forty one.47% / CBD .fourteen%, Hybrid

As the genealogical union of a pair of indica dominant cultivars, these Uncooked Dawg Sticky Budz trifecta pre-rolls deliver a incredible leisure that endures the large inflow of euphoria. Sustained hefty overall body highs coincide with a a bit drowsy daze. Gooey excellent green nuggets are adorned with intermittent golden orange hairs and drenched in a shimmering coating of trichrome. A major bouquet of skunky pine intertwines a citrusy sweetness accentuated by an absurdly enjoyable chemical fragrance.


Selling price: $thirteen (two pk – 1g)



Acapulco Gold – THC 36.thirteen% / CBD 3.20%, Sativa Hybrid

Acapulco Gold is mainly the caviar of the hashish world, and this Sticky Budz trifecta surely lives up to the requirements. It’s bought a roasted toffee-almond taste and aroma that would make it one particular of the most one of a kind and flavorful strains out there. This trifecta pre-roll features the most effective of both planet –  – the uplifting, euphoric consequences of the sativa genetics paired with the relaxing, melting consequences of the indica aspect. This is a single trifecta joint that packs a critical punch with every strike you acquire.


Value: $13 (2 pk – 1g)



Dr. Who –  THC 43.22% / CBD 0.11%, Hybrid

Searching for one thing to get people resourceful juices flowing?


These Dr. Who Sticky Budz trifecta pre-rolls are the ideal selection for these trying to find inspiration or those people who want a minimal help in imagining outside the box.


Get a excursion as a result of area and time with this Dr. Who joint, a powerful indica pre-roll that provides swift peace and heightened creativeness with no way too a great deal sedation or human body melt. This is a fantastic possibility for any time of working day, and comes with sweet and tangy aromas of grape and pineapple.


Cost: $13 (two pk – 1g)


Sugar Wax & Honeycomb Wax


Sticky Budz products

Sticky Budz Sugar Wax & Honeycomb Wax


Puna Cookies – THC 68.seventy three% / CBD .twenty%, Indica Hybrid

This Sticky Budz wax is offered in both of those sugar wax and honeycomb wax, and is an indica-dominant hybrid pressure promotes beneficial vibes and evokes creativeness. Puna Cookies tends to little by little induce large sedative-like consequences, earning it an best late-night decision. Appreciate sweet, herbal flavors.

Price tag: $21 (1g)

Dutch Handle – THC 69.forty two%, Sativa Hybrid

This sativa hybrid sugar wax from Sticky Budz provides an fast head substantial that’s carefully adopted by a whole-physique excitement that is someplace in the center of staying a comfy sedation and an extreme couch-lock. With 69.forty two% THC, Dutch Take care of is a powerful strain for positive, with a solid aroma of sweet blueberries and eucalyptus, paired with sweet-earthy flavors that linger on the tongue.


Cost: $21 (1g)


Cookie Puss – THC 63.09% / CBD .fifteen%, Hybrid

The Sticky Budz Cookie Puss sugar wax offers sweet aromas of pine and citrus, paired with earthy, sweet-lime flavors. This potent cross of Cat Piss x Cookies gives a sturdy cerebral excitement with a blissful euphoria and leisure.


Selling price: $21 (1g)


OG Cookies – THC sixty eight.83%, Indica Hybrid

OG Kush with Female Scout Cookies appear with each other to deliver you OG Cookies sugar wax from Sticky Budz. Enjoys an aroma of sweet berries and grapes as you unwind into a state of euphoria.


Price tag: $21 (1g)



This balanced hybrid arrives from a cross of Purple Corinto and Puna Budder. Take pleasure in as blissful euphoria washes in excess of you. Assume an all round calming working experience from Substantial-Biscus Sticky Budz sugar wax.


Selling price: $21 (1g)


Preserve time by ordering your Sticky Budz products and solutions online & selecting them up in the retail store! 


Disclaimer: Cannabis has intoxicating effects and may be habit-forming. Using tobacco is harmful to your well being. There may well be wellness challenges linked with consumption of Marijuana. Marijuana, in any form, should not be applied by persons that are pregnant or breastfeeding. Cannabis is intended for use only by grown ups 21 and older. Retain out of arrive at of young children. Cannabis can impair focus, coordination, and judgment. Do not run a automobile or equipment beneath the influence of this drug. This merchandise may possibly be illegal outside of Washington Condition.

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