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Which pressure would you decide on?




Now, we know these strains won’t Genuinely exist, and don’t Genuinely give you brilliant powers and abilities. But, let’s pretend they DO. Just for a minute. 

Which strain would you select: 

  1. Head Meld is a citrusy sativa hybrid packs quite the punch with 800% THC, featuring a cerebral head higher that enables you to examine people’s minds for nonetheless very long the consequences final. Pack a bowl, gentle up, and see what men and women have to say. 
  2. Typically named “Bird’s Eye View”, this sativa offers you the capability to fly! This strain has a woodsy flavor and aroma, with sturdy undertones of cherry and sweet berries. It’s undoubtedly delightful, and boasts a THC stage of 539.7%, but men and women normally smoke this just one for the traveling skill.
  3. One more sativa, Cranium has 972% THC, so check out out for these munchies! This is a good dessert pressure, keeping a sweet flavor that preferences a great deal like cake batter – – and it smells  just as unbelievable. Just take a hit off this, and you are going to be utilizing seventy five% extra brain energy! Just consider all the neat factors you can do when you have a smoke sesh with this Cranium strain!
  4. The only indica out of the bunch, Now You Really do not is calming and presents a full-human body leisure . . . as effectively as entire-overall body invisibility! Smoke on this lemon-citrus pressure, with its 420.three% THC, and you will be absolutely invisible. 


Which pressure would YOU select? 


Disclaimer: Marijuana has intoxicating effects and may perhaps be habit-forming. Smoking cigarettes is harmful to your health. There may well be wellness hazards related with intake of Cannabis. Marijuana, in any sort, must not be used by persons that are pregnant or breastfeeding. Cannabis is meant for use only by grownups 21 and more mature. Keep out of attain of little ones. Cannabis can impair focus, coordination, and judgment. Do not run a car or truck or equipment underneath the affect of this drug. This product or service may possibly be unlawful outdoors of Washington Condition.

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